Misson Statement:  

The Cavalier Dugout Club shall exist to be a non-profit   organization supporting The Woodlands College Park Baseball Program and all its members.  It continues to support the student athletes that participate in Cavalier Baseball; past, present, and future through financial resources and volunteering



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If you are interested in assuming a volunteer position as a committee chair, please reach out to Drew Hudson @ dlphudson@hotmail.com



Correspondence to:  P.O. Box 133054   The Woodlands, TX 77393




2019-20 Board Members:


President: Drew Hudson  dlphudson@hotmail.com


Vice President:  Brent Rook  brentrook@sbcglobal.net


Treasurer:  Daniel Cantu  dzcan2@comcast.net


Secretary:  Jaime Diaz  coach.diaz@hotmail.com



2019-20 Committee Chair Positions:






Website:  Michael Nolen  winagswin90@icloud.com